Producing Your "Own" Brand is not that Difficult! or Expensive

It makes perfect sense to order exactly what you require when you require it, how many times have you heard that your best selling line is unavailable for 4 weeks due to being out of stock?

Having your "Own" Branded range of Products is not as daunting or as expensive as you might think; you do not need to commit to huge amounts of packaging, labels etc.
We supply "Own" brands to various Clients in the UK and Overseas from as little as 36 Bottles of 10ml Essential Oils up to pallets consisting of 1000's of assorted Products.
Using our Label templates Your Brand could appear in as little as 7 working days if standard packaging is used.
One of the advantages of having Your "Own" Brand is that You can control the pricing of the product in Your Market place.
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Tom Jennings