e-essentials Policy on Animal Testing and Animal Cruelty

If we cannot receive assurances we simply walk away and use an alternative source who can give assurances, if assurances cannot be given we do not stock that raw material/item.
We request and receive assurances from our suppliers that no Animal testing has taken place on any raw material or item we sell in the last 25 years.
It is unfortunate that at some point in the distant past that virtually every raw material had been tested primarily on Animals.

Everyone involved in our Business is like minded on our Policy regarding Animals and their Welfare  not surprising really when you consider the amount of time and effort devoted to the upkeep of our every growing Families of Canine and Feline friends (mostly abandoned and strays)

"Dusty Bin Rishworth" was retrieved from a dustbin in Rishworth (hence the name) as a very young kitten 
suffering from Cat Flu, malnutrition, dehydration and a damaged left eye, fortunately Dusty survived due to constant care and a very understanding next door neighbour who is a Vet, despite being told to expect the worse Dusty survived and is a very much loved addition to our Family.

Princess Lola Cutgate was also also found in slightly better condition as a week old kitten after being rescued from a cardboard box due to being abandoned in the Cutgate area of North Manchester.
Due to constant care Princess Lola survived and is approaching her 4th Birthday this Christmas.

We also have combined similar stories regarding other Animals including Dogs, Racing Pigeons, Hedgehogs, Rabbits and occasional wild Birds that had got in to difficulties.